Pepper Spray OC Permit


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The OC Pepper Spray Course is 2 hours of comprehensive training specifically designed for Law Enforcement, Security Officers, and other industry professionals. You will gain detailed information in the use of all types and forms of Oleoresin Capsicum aerosol projectors.


If you’ll be working in any situation where there’s a violence threat, you may want to complete a tear gas training in Los Angeles. In California, security guards are permitted to carry pepper spray, but there are important rules and regulations that you must adhere such as:

* Unless you have special classes and certification, You are not allowed to carry more than 2.5 oz of a gas canister.

* California Penal Code §12403.5 requires that an individual holding specific types of special licenses can buy, own, or carry any gas weapon if it’s used for defensive purposes only.

* Aside from having a license, you also need to enter and complete a full course on its usage which has been approved by the California Department of Consumer Affairs.


This basic training is open not only for law enforcers who have taken or who already completed BSIS guard card programs but both civil agencies and the general public can experience this course. Notwithstanding any other law provisions, anyone may purchase, own, or use this chemical gas weapon for the prediction or release of this gas if this weapon is used solely for self-defense purposes. These are the basic requirements for anyone who wants to carry this gas weapon:

* It is LEGAL to purchase, possess, carry and ship to California

* Its canister must be less than 2.5 ounces

* The user must be at least 18 years old

* The user must not be addicted to narcotic substances

* The user must not have any convicted felony on record

* The weapon must be used only for self-defense

**Must attend Class at Draken Station**

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Pepper Spray Permit

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