Philip Raushel


Philip is a former U.S. Air Force TACP that worked as a JTAC attached to the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne and other Infantry Division’s during OIF/OEF. After he learned the procedures and systems necessary he deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan where he provided U.S. Army and allied forces with radio operations for close air support (CAS.)
Worked in Fugitive Recovery/Bounty Hunting throughout Southern California.
Currently active working Private Security/Executive Protection.Bail Agent Pre-Licensing & Fugitive Recovery Training #287310ㅤ|ㅤPOST PC 832 Arrest & Control (San Bernadino County Sheriffs Department)ㅤ|ㅤNRA Range Safety Officer #10100020998452ㅤ|ㅤAssault Dynamic Combat Tactics – Handgun Workshop